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zip code level data from 2000 survey


I am trying to download zip level data for 2010, 2000 and 1990 census demographic data. I have no problem for 2010 data by using the url:*&get=P001001&for=zip+code+tabulation+area:*&in=state:48

Is there anything similar for 2000 and 1990 data?

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    Be very careful comparing ZCTA's across decennial census as they change !

    You first need a time dependent geographic relationship files (I do not see one here, only 2010 ZCTA relationship files

    Also see these resources


    From the FAQ

    Even though the codes may appear the same, the addresses and areas covered by these areas may not be the same. We strongly advise data users who wish to compare 1990 and 2000 data to determine and evaluate any coverage differences that exist before making any comparisons. There are several reasons for this caution:

    The USPS extensively modified ZIP Codes between 1990 and 2000. Even though a 1990 ZIP Code matches a Census 2000 ZCTA code, there is no guarantee that these cover the same geographic area. Also, some ZIP Codes in the 1990 data products were discontinued by the USPS, and new ZIP Codes were created;

    ZCTAs and the 1990 Census ZIP Code areas were delineated using different methodologies and therefore may not have comparable coverage area or size; and

    The Census 2000 ZCTAs include some dedicated PO Box ZIP Codes. All dedicated PO Box ZIP Codes were excluded as ZIP Code areas in 1990. The resulting 1990 areas include data for both PO Box ZIP Codes and the ZIP Codes that provides street or rural route delivery to the surrounding area.

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