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using zipcodes for 2000 sf3 disability data

I am trying to get information on disability information per zip code?

http://api.census.gov/data/2000/sf3?key=(key)&get=P041001,NAME&for=zip+code+tabulation+area:(5 digit zip code)&in=state:(numerical identifier for states)

It is returning nothing however when I use tract in place of zip code tabulation area it works. So I am wondering if it just doesn't work by zip code or possibly I am doing something wrong.

I am currently using searchs via zip code in 2010 sf1.

Also I am having an issue when I look at disability numbers for MD on the american fact finder and then pull info for MD via the api on disability the numbers don't match up

Factfinder = 854,345

API Call = 1485429

again this is in SF3 2000

Please let me know if I'm just not doing something right or if there is actually an issue


I think have figured out why the data was not matching up since the api pulls from 2000 sf3 I am relatively sure that when you manually search for this information using the factfinder it returns data from 2010 and that is why these numbers do not match up.


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