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more than four variables?

I can't seem to get more than four variables to return.

When I run this query:


I get an error like this:

error: error: unknown variable 'B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M'

When I run the query with only the first four variables (B08101_017E,B08101_017M,B08101_025E,B08101_025M) it works!

When I run the query with the LAST four variables (B08101_033E,B08101_033M,B08101_041E,B08101_041M) it works.

If I switch the order of the variables, it always errors out with the last four variables being "unknown"

Is this a known problem? I saw somewhere else on the discussion board where someone mentioned using nine variables...

Thanks! Looking forward to using the API to update our database with the new ACS data on Dec 6th!!!


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    Phillip Thomas

    I recall there being another post on this, there is a 4(5?) variable limit imposed on all queries made to the API. We are working on enabling more variables, however there are performance issues when attempting to pull back more than 4 variables that we need to minimize/mitigate.

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    percyd ( Idea Submitter )

    Perhaps you could at least change the error message so that it more accurately reflects the situation so that developers don't spend a *bunch* of time trying to figure out why their query is failing!


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    Lisa W
    ( Moderator )

    We just released an update to the API to allow more variables per call. Please give it a try.

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      Jan Vink

      Thanks for doing this. Is there a new maximum of variables?

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    percyd ( Idea Submitter )

    awesome! my original query with eight variables works!


    Now, like Jan asked, is there an upper limit on how many variables I can request? And does it matter if they come from different tables?


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    Phillip Thomas

    Our current limit per query has been expanded to 50 total variables.

    The limit counts all variables, so cross-table queries are still enabled.

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