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get the number of register voters per county

Hello I am new to getting data from the Census. Could use some help. I have now all the states register voters. Now I need to pull register voters for all US counties for an app I am building


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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks for the responce. I can get the counties, but I was hoping that the AIP would have a request for getting Register Voters (RV) per county.Is there a API call for this information? Does the Census bureau keep data on RV totals per county?

    I have seen RV data totals per state but can't seem to dig up anything by counties.

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    Phillip Thomas

    It doesn't appear that the API currently has data on Registered Voters in either Decennial or ACS.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Well I now have a database with all the Register voter totals per county per state except Mississippi. I did it the hard way. I do hope there will be a better way when it comes time to update.

    The ACS API works very nice for the other demographics I needed. I used the file_get_contents function then jason_decode function in php it seems to work fast. I know I could use curl but for light weight and ajax calls this works nice.

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    Tiffany Julian

    The Current Population Survey has data on voter registration, but the sample design is intended for state-level estimates only.

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    Phillip Thomas

    Indeed but the same dataset is still available inside Data Ferret (created by the same people maintaining the API) http://TheDataWeb.rm.census.gov and if this is to be added to the API then what is available at this link would, in theory, be available in the API.

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