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education attainment

While there are thousands of individual ACS variables in the ACS data variable list (XML file), I could not find the basic Educational Attainment variables (I did find earnings by educational attainment)...Are they there and I am just not finding them?


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    When the API was released in Beta, the decision was made to release a subset of the SF1 and ACS 5-year data variables that are available via DataFerrett (base tables). When the public announcement was made on July 26, the decision was made to release all ACS 5-year data variables (available via DataFerrett). The documentation reflecting this has been generated, but has not completed the review process to be published to the web. For the ACS 5-year Summary File data, all variables available in DataFerrett should be available through the API. For the 2010 Decennial SF1, only a subset of the variables are available.

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    The whole table of sex by educational attainment is in there — I think B15002 is the closest thing to what you need.

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    Community Member

    Yes, the ed attainment is not in the XML list. B15001 is another ed attainment table. See the tech docn lists via

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    Phillip Thomas

    Looks like the closest we can get you via ACS (according to the XML provided by the developers page) is B20004 "Median Earnings by Sex by Educational Attainment for the Population 25 Years and Over"

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    Community Member

    The ACS XML is a partial list of table/items available via the API. Pretty much all ACS 5 year tract/BG summary file table/items are made accessible via the API per my testing. The ACS XML should not be used as a guide to what is available via the API. There is a much broader set of data items accessible.

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      Jan Vink

      I believe however that for the Census2010-SF1 the XML table should be used as a guide to see what is available. I would prefer if we could rely on the documentation to find out what is and what is not available.

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    Sam Ennis

    There are a number of tables that are not in the XML document that I've been able to get using the API anyway.

    For example, a (made up) table with the ID "B00001," as you've probably noticed from the XML file, is divided up into different IDs by cell. (B00001_001E returns the first cell, B00001_002E the second, etc).

    I've been able to search tables from the ACS 5-year that aren't in the XML file by searching the table ID on American Fact Finder for any geography, and then matching the fields there to queries using the _00#E suffix.

    This one in particular might be a different issue, because while the educational attainment table seems to exist on fact finder, it isn't in the single column format that the API supports. However in my experience so far so far, a table that has single column format, even if it is not listed on the XML file, can be retrieved with the API.

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    Phillip Thomas

    If I am not mistaken then using the Data Ferret is actually a better way to determine what is in the API, as they are both maintained by the same group.

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