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Zip/County/City Radius Tool

We are trying to create a tool where a user would:

1) Enter in their "home" zip code

2) Enter in a radius in miles

3) Hit an "Update" button.

Once the user hit the Update button, the screen would show all zip codes, all cities and all counties within the specified number of miles from the home zip code. Can these Census tools be used to create such a system?


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    Phillip Thomas

    This would require geographic data, as you can see from our documentation we do not hold/provide information on what Zip code is located in what area.

    Also I believe it is worth mentioning that this API uses 'Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA5)' which are slightly different then the Postal 'Zip Codes' and may not line up with what your users are looking for.

    We can, however, tell you how many people resided(in the documented times) in a given ZCTA5.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Thank you for your reply Phillip, it was helpful. Have a nice weekend!

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