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ZCTA-level data for ACS

Any chance of getting this through the API? I'm mashing up Census data with FEC campaign contribution data, and it would be really interesting to have access to attributes on education, income, etc. at the ZIP level.


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    The first ACS ZCTA data will be available from ACS 2011 in December 2012. No ACS 2010 ZCTA data tabulated.

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    Phillip Thomas

    The ACS ZCTA level data is not available for the ACS 5 year summary file 2006-2010 estimate year. The 2007-2011 ACS 5 year, however, introduces this geography. Once we (the API developers) have received the 2007-2011 ACS 5 year we are planning on introducing it into both our API and Data Ferrett. The expected date of release for the 2007-2011 ACS 5 year data is Dec 6, 2012.

    For more information on ACS geographies you can refer to their Census web page at:


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    Zip plus 4, would give really useful data. Social and economic data changes greatly within many zip codes when it is only zip5

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    My 2 cents ... zcta+4 geography is not a tabulation area and is unlikely to evolve as one given the combination of competing priorities, scarce resources and technical issues associated with defining such areas.

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