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Happy Friday!

Part of the reason for our requesst that you participate in our testing period is to gather feedback on ways to increase the value of Census API service to you.

I saw in another thread a mention of using SAIPE rather than ACS for Jan's app. It would be helpful to know which datasets are your highest priorities.

Please respond here to suggest which datasets would be most valuable to you as we extend API access to more of our statistics. We may have to make things available in a different order for reasons technical, regulatory, or other, but knowing your priorities will help us direct our energies.




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    Jan Vink

    Data sets that would be useful for my work include (in no particular order): the 2000 SF1, TIGER boundaries, population estimates and county business patterns.

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    1-year ACS estimates are crucial to this API being useful to me (5-year is less useful). Providing metropolitan statistical area data that isn't split by state would also be tremendously useful. Thanks!

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