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Support for more geographies in ACS

Is there any support (yet?) for congressional districts and other lower-level geographies in the ACS API? States and counties work fine, but I run into problems as soon as I start to go a little deeper into the hierarchy. Are most of these other area types only supported for the SF1 data?


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    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. We've enabled congressional districts for ACS. Here is an example:*&key=...

    You may also select a specific congressional district within a state or all districts within a state:*&in=state:06&key=...

    Looking forward to seeing the data in your app. And, if you'd like to see other geographies please let us know.

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    alanj ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks. I think congressional district-level data is essential in an election year. And the differences between districts, for many variables, are often much more striking than the differences between counties.

    I'd happily tinker with any other geographies you care to activate, but this one seemed particularly important. Many thanks for the quick action.

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    Jan Vink

    I would also appreciate support for School Districts as a level of geography in the API

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    Regardless of which geographies get supported in ACS (I'm all in favor of congressional districts and school districts, by the way) it would be great to get some documentation about what's available. All of the geography examples in the developer documentation are for summary file 1. It would be great for new developers to know what geographies are available for the ACS without having to resort to trial and error.

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      Completely agree here. I think the documentation needs to be improved with details about what geographies, data sets, and variables are available; what is not available yet; and what is slated for future updates of the API.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We've updated the "data sets" section of the developer website to include documentation and examples for each dataset.

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    Community Member

    This is an additional request for school district geography both for Census 2010 & ACS. It should include an "all school districts" in a state similar to the way the congressional districts can be selected. Thank you.

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