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Slow Performance - Too many concurrent users for the server?

Earlier today (08/06) the performance was ok, requests took less than .5 seconds to return. Later in the day, around 5 PM the requests started taking over 60 seconds, and some times they were taking over 10 minutes to return.

Examples on how to reproduce the problem:


Another example of the performance problem can be experienced in the apps under the App Gallery:

- http://www.census.gov/developers/apps/age/

- http://pad.human.cornell.edu/Unlisted/uncertaintymap_fullinfo_api_B17001.cfm

Are the frequency of requests monitored for each key?

The frequency of requests for each key needs to be monitored, and a quota for each key needs to be determined based on the server's capacity. With a quota on the frequency of the requests, you will be able to keep users from overwhelming the system.

With the current performance of this service, it is not usable.


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    Phillip Thomas

    The service was restarted on one of two of the machines that handle the requests being sent, as you have observed the machine has returned to normal operating procedure.

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