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I'm working on a project that would be greatly enhanced by offering the ability to query the database for the number of disabled individuals in a given area.

This data can be found by clicking through the census site, so I wonder why it's not available via the API?

I wish I didn't have to tell users they needed to do their own clicking on this, I'd much rather grab that data for them automatically.


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    Phillip Thomas

    The API currently only supports the Decennial Summary file 1 data set and the American Community Survey 5 year 2006-2010. Neither of these data sets appear to contain this particular variable, and therefore it is not currently in the API as per our documentation.

    A future update to the API's data could provide it with the ability to serve this information.

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    The disability questions were changed in the 2008 ACS. Therefore the next 5-year ACS dataset that will contain disability estimates will be the 2008-2012 5-year ACS, released in December 2013.

    The only diability data available currently below the place level is the 2000 SF3 data set, but Phillip noted above, the API currently does not support that file.

    It would be helpful if the API could support the 2000 SF3 dataset as well as single year and three year ACS datasets.

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