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This is intended to be positive & helpful ... to Census: the scope of tables/items is insufficient to build "real" generalized applications. Too many key tables are missing (for typical users) and many of those included are relatively infrequently used. To make this "catch" with the broad developer community, the subject matter data needs expansion. For ACS 5 year data, consider first all of those tables that are available at the block group level (thus also higher) as contained in the Tract and Block Group Summary File.


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    I had this wrong. this 'idea' should be disregarded. In looking at the list of ACS tables/items referenced in the XML file as "ACS variables", I was led to believe that only that set of items were available from ACS. In my app, I have loaded all ACS 5 year estimates items and, randomly selecting them, find them all to be accessible.

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