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Question About Zip Code Info

Hey I had a general question about the API.

Im interested in finding out where the data set for a ZIP Code demographics can be found.

I got approved for the API Key but need to find out where the Zip Code demographic info is.

I would like to gather a ZIP Code from a data set I have and output the following. Does anyone know the codes for this, or on what page of the API manual it can be found?

Median Income ($)

Cost Of Living Index

Median Mortgage To Income Ratio (%)

Owner Occupied Homes (%)

Median Rooms In Home 4.2

College Degree (%)

Professional (%) 46.8


Average Household Size 2.3

Median Age

Male To Female Ratio (%)

Married (%)

Divorced (%)

White (%)

Black (%)

Asian (%)

Hispanic Ethnicity (%)


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  1. Moderator

    Hi Tomas,

    At this time, some of the data is available at the zip code level in the 2010 Decennial SF1 file (population, percentages by race) but I don't think that it has any of the income information, etc. Those will be available with the upcoming release of the ACS 5-year Summary File for 2007-2011, which will be released in December.

    To get information on using the API, check out the Developer page, and follow the "SF1 Examples and Supported Geography" link.

    2 years ago

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