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I have the following query strings for the sf1_2010.xml, sf1_2000.xml, and sf1_1990.xml respectively. All query strings are the same format, just different query values:

1) http://api.census.gov/data/2010/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=P0070001,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*

2) http://api.census.gov/data/2000/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=EXTCITIN,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*

3) http://api.census.gov/data/1990/sf1?key=a8e19a47c9c91ffa82c63c0f383ebbe8d7b3fa55&get=CONCITCC,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:*

Query string #1 works like a charm and returns me data. Query string #2 gives me the exception "There was an error while running your query. We've logged the error and we'll correct it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience." Finally, for Query string #3, I got the error ""error: error: unknown variable 'NAME'"

These query strings were copied and pasted directly into the browsers url box. Interestingly, when I removed from Query string #3 the "NAME" token, I did get a result set, but data was lacking in one of the fields. A partial sample of the result set:





You will notice that the first column is blank. Is there something I'm missing?



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    Phillip Thomas

    I am speaking with the developers about the 2nd and 3rd queries, however the second half of query 3 is easy enough to explain.

    You are asking for concit(a geography) when specifying another geography (counties rolling into states aka Summary Level 050) therefore concitcc should be empty as you are excluding it.

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      Phillip Thomas

      Hmm, I think I explained this poorly, so I will explain it this way as well.

      You are asking for "CONCITCC" where Summary Level="050" (State,County) which is always going to be blank as Summary Level 50 never contains a CONCITCC portion.

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