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Poverty map by age and sex

I had already created a thematic map application that gave information about the uncertainty surrounding ACS estimates (move your mouse over the counties). This website generates the map using API data requests. A future expansion will include parsing the variables XML file.


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    Lisa W
    ( Moderator )

    That's nice! I'll assume it was pretty easy for you to get the data via the API.

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      Jan Vink ( Idea Submitter )

      I am using ColdFusion and did it like this:

      cfhttp url=",B17001_003M,B17001_032E,B17001_032M,NAME&for=county:*&in=state:36" result="result">


      cfset JSONarray = result.filecontent.toString('UTF-8')>

      cfset CFresult = DeserializeJSON(JSONarray)>

      which results in a easy to work with array in ColdFusion.

      The four table elements I pull depends on the requested subgroup.

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    Jan Vink ( Idea Submitter )

    I think I started with an easy geography and I am very familiar with linking data from different datasets, using geographic identifiers. I did only a quick scan of the available documentation though and noted that it was not clear whether all geographic levels are available for the SF1 data and for the ACS data. Blocks for example are listed and I know there is no ACS data for that, but can I get data for blockgroups and tracts?

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      ( Moderator )

      Hi Jan,

      You're correct that blocks are listed in one of the examples. The Decennial SF1 dataset includes block data as the lowest level geography. For the ACS data, block data isn't supported, but both tract and blockgroup data is available. Do you need any help getting that data?

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    Phillip Thomas

    Howdy Jan,

    I have some experience with the geography linked to the ACS sf1 data, and I believe that block groups and tracts both have data associated with them.

    Glad to see you have made use of the API.


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    Community Member

    very nice. are you able to use SAIPE in place of ACS 5 year? the recommended source for poverty x age for county is SAIPE. see,

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      ( Moderator )

      Hi CM.

      Since this is the infancy of the API, there are only two datasets being supported, the Decennial SF1 and the 5-year ACS Summary File. I guess that as the API begins to be utilized that additional sources may be added. Hopefully, the SAIPE will be one of those, allowing developers to use the most appropriate / recommended source.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

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