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Population for each of all places within a particular county

Via API queries I have easily obtained all county populations within a state, and all places populations within a state. Is there a way to obtain population for each place in a particular county? The main problem is that I want to know all of the places that are contained in one particular county. A secondary special case issue is the situation where a place (incorporated or CDP) may cross a county boundary... thus making it difficult to determine what percentage of the places area and population is in each county. Do you think this is possible, and do I need to go down to tract and group levels?


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    Jan Vink

    In American FactFinder, I would use SUMLEV 155 (County within place) or SUMLEV 070 (Place/Remainder) for Census 2010. Both are not listed in the list of geographies available for the SF1. For the ACS you can use level 070 (state-county-county subdivision-place) and total over the county subdivisions.

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    Ingles_Kevin ( Idea Submitter )

    Jan, thanks for the suggestions. I noticed that SUMLEV 101 for SF1 has all of the required fields, but the API examples for SUMLEV 101 only provides state-county-tract-block. The following 2 queries work.



    These 2 API queries do NOT work.



    It would be nice if the API query could capability include SUMLEV 101 place fields. The Census SF1 documentation does include place fields for SUMLEV 101, but I assume the API only has a subset of 101 implemented.

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    Phillip Thomas

    I believe this information is partially incorrect, but is how I understand this situation as it stands.

    Those queries should not work as summary level 101 (as understood by our software) does not include a place field, only State,County,Tract,Block

    Summary level 070 and 155 as Jan suggested could possibly be a better way to obtain this information in a time-saving form.

    If you do indeed have the time and resources you could also use the Tiger Line shape files provided by Census's Geography division to determine what blocks fall into what place. As of this time, I have no knowledge on how to accomplish this fast or easily (someone else here might).

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      Ingles_Kevin ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks Phillip,

      I was able to pull the data (SUMLEV 155) from FactFinder. I was just hoping to automate with an API query ... especially because I am looking to do the whole country. And I want people to be able to easily update for future data releases.


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    Ingles_Kevin ( Idea Submitter )

    Of course, I always make it harder on myself when I try to provide an Easy button for the user.

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