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Optional Latitude and Longitude Returned

It would be nice to be able to pass in an optional parameter like &coordinates=1 and have the latitude and longitude points of each result returned in a new variable. For example, a state (or block group, tract, etc) would have a coordinate field with the array of lat/lon points of the state outline.

Yes it would be a larger amount of data being returned, but it's optional. To save size, the coordinates could be encoded and save 3-5 times the data, like here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/utilities/polylinealgorithm


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    My 2 cents on this ... the ACS summary file does have an internal point lat-lon for each geography. So that could rather easily be made available as you suggest. But the boundary points would require TIGER/Line shapefiles and seem infeasable relative to other resource allocations. i.e., a developer could tie in the TIGER/Line coordinates themselves. What we cannot do is get Census 2010 SF2 supported via API; similarly a higher priority for scarce resources would be ACS 2011 1-year data being available via API in Sept. (and adding metros to the ACS geo list).

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