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Obtaining census tract numbers

Can I use this API to create an easy way for users on my website to get their census tract number without using a map? I simply want the users to input their residential address into text fields. Hopefully this API will spit out their 10 digit census tract number after input. I would prefer NOT to redirect applicants to a 3rd party site.

I ultimately want to use the census tract number from the API to reconcile it with the following list (see link) of tract designations:

A detailed explanation of how I can achieve this would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    This month we will be releasing an API that will allow you to geocode addresses (including small batches of addresses) to our public TIGER address ranges. The data returned include an interpolated lat/long coordinate of the address based on our address ranges; the state, county, census tract, and block including full geographic identifier (geoid); and additional attributes such as the urban/rural indicator.

    The source of the address ranges are the address ranges that are built off of our Master Address File (MAF). These address ranges are scrubbed to ensure no confidential data are released (e.g. single address ranges). Our MAF contains mostly residential addresses so you will see a higher geocoding match rate with residential addresses and lower match rates with business addresses.

    We expect to release the geocoder by the end of the month as both an api and a web interface.

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    Thank you for the update. How will you notify us that it is available for use?

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    We are working on the final details to get the tool released. We ran into a couple of delays and should have a firm release date set early next week.

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    Census Geocoder - Batch Geocoding & API Now Available (

    The Census Bureau has released a new geocoding tool that allows users to find the census geographic areas that street addresses or address coordinates are located within. The tool is available as an API and a web form. In addition to a single address look-up, the tool also allows users to submit batches of up to 1,000 addresses at a time.

    The information in the geocoder comes from the Census Bureau’s MAF/TIGER database, which holds our geographic information used for censuses and surveys. The address ranges used in the geocoder are the same address ranges found in the TIGER/Line Shapefiles, which are derived from the Master Address File (MAF).

    Additional information, including documentation, descriptions of the data in the geocoder, and FAQs are included on our geocoder website. (

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