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Nulls returned for ACS5/B24121_001E and sub tags

I get nulls with the url:


I'm getting nulls for all B24121_* elements.

My goal is to see a list of the median salaries by occupation for each state.

Thank you


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    This table has specific occupations, so it is presented only at the national level. Thus both county and state level data are not presented, and the API returns nulls. I am unsure why the documentation shows this data to be available below the national level. I will check with the data owner about revising the data availability documentation.

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    I too receive nulls when seeking to access specifically b24121_128E at the county level both in ACS 5 yr 2010 and 2011. Yet the documentation shows this item as available.

    Can someone at Census please check this?

    Thank you.

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