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Thanks to everyone for your use of our API service. To help us as we move forward, please provide any feedback you have, for example Census Bureau datasets would you like to see added, suggestions for needed documentation, or other comments.


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    I'd love to see the 3- and 1-year data added, to allow the api to truly match factfinder.

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    Phillip Thomas

    The data addition, however, I believe would be a great asset to any individual who wishes to exploit any changes that happen on a tri-yearly/per-year basis.

    As for matching Fact Finder. I don't believe this would be a fair comparison, they are both built on different technologies (API being developed on the Data Web architecture). Also the API isn't designed with any specific front end in mind (developers need only to be able to send a query off and read the json object we return) whereas fact finder covers all operations from back end - front end.

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    Vicki Mack

    Hi, I tested the new Easy Stats yesterday and today and was pleasantly suprised how easy it was to obtain the congressional district data. However, data for other geographies are not accessible. That is, when I select the city or county and try to select a topic, nothing happens. Will the data be added some other time?

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      Phillip Thomas

      The API currently has this data available (to my knowledge) the app/device itself may be at fault (unable to connect to the server, among a multitude of other things that can happen when communicating over the internet).

      That is of course assuming the server itself is receiving internet requests as it should be (again the nature of the internet states that it could be unable to receive information due to any number of reasons)

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      Lisa W ( Idea Submitter )

      You should be able to use Easy Stats to access other thematic data. Select a state and then click the radio button for county or place. The area drop down should then populate. Let me know if you still can't access the data.

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    Vicki Mack

    Okay, for some reason, I can access the stats with no problem on my Ipad. So, I tried again from my Census laptop and still could not select a topic. Then I realized that some topics are greyed out. So for example, New Orleans, LA has only one topic-People that works. The other topics are greyed out and don't allow me to select them.

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    Vicki Mack

    Disregard, the previous message. It must have been a server issue. I tried again and then I could select the topics. I needed to just be patient.

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