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Just wanted to let you know that I've just published an android tablet app to the Google Play Store: CensusUS at

The app uses the Census APIs combined with Google Maps v2. By tapping on the map and the navigation menus on the tablet, users are able to select locations at all levels of geography, from the national down to the tract level, and then see census data for the selected location. Tap on the map and the census data for the selected location displays. The app also has rankings reports by median income and by median income by occupation within the selected geography.

I'm hoping that the app will be especially useful for productivity users, such as real estate professionals, who can use the demographic data to help clients find a best match for neighborhoods.


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    ( Moderator )

    This looks amazing! Any plans to launch an AppStore / web app version?

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      claudia.cassidy ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks! I'm going to write an iPad version, too. Also planning to design a version for smaller screen sizes so that users can get on the spot demographic data on their phones. I might do a web version if there is a demand for it, but prefer to stick with native android/iOS.

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    Nice job.

    I am thinking of doing one for the Windows 8 / Windows Phone platforms.

    Is the maps you display are google maps of the Census maps?


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      claudia.cassidy ( Idea Submitter )

      The app uses Google Maps V2 api for android. The api also supports JavaScript and iOS. More info is at

      Basically, Google maps is used to get lat/lng coordinates. It also handles reverse geocoding to get the address from the lat/lng coordinates.

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    I was impressed how you mark the Track area (red boundry).

    Was this done by Google maps as well, or you painted on top of the map?

    Nice Job!


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      claudia.cassidy ( Idea Submitter )

      The boundary coordinates are gotten via a json feed from

      Google has a polygon function which is then used to draw the points on the map.

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    This is a really cool app and thank you for your creativity. What would it take to add more layers of open data from other agencies on health, transportation, dynamic sensor data etc so that we can drill down and get a holistic view of the community?


    Avi Bender

    CTO, US Census Bureau

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    claudia.cassidy ( Idea Submitter )

    Thank you for your kind words. It is very doable to add more layers of data to the app. Ideally, the data would be retrievable in terms of the location codes defined in the Census API's, for example: us, state, county, tract, etc. If someone can point me to specific data you'd like to see, that would be very helpful. I would also be happy to give a copy of the source code to your mobile apps team.



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