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Missing Variables for 1990 "travel time" sf3

On the 1990 census sf3 variable call, two time frames (20 to 24 and 35 to 39) are missing from "travel time to work". The variable codes increment from P0500001 (TRAVEL TIME[13] Less than 5 minutes) to P0500013 (TRAVEL TIME[13] Worked at home), with P0500005 and P0500008 missing - presumably the missing time frame variables. Using these in the data call results in an 'unknown variable' error.

Is this a bug and the data is missing or did I somehow drop the proper variable codes?


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    Tiffany Julian

    Thanks for reporting this problem. It's not your mistake. For some reason the metadata are missing from our system for these two variables. The data are loaded in our system so we should be able to update the configuration so you can see these variables soon. I'll reply back on this thread when that is done. Thanks for letting us know.

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      egillingham ( Idea Submitter )

      Hi Tiffany - any update on a fix?

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    Tiffany Julian

    It's almost fixed. I believe the data will now come back when you include those values in your query, but they don't show up in the discovery tool yet.

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