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Median household income by Census Block or Census Block Group

I need so assistance in creating an API to pull Median Household Income based on a specific address or if that creates a geocoding problem, i have Lat/long coordinates already. My response from the call should be able to provide me with a dollar amount or a percent over national median household income. The result will be used in an equation. I have a key already.


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    ( Moderator )

    Okay, well since you have lat long coordinates, you can use an API from the fcc.gov site that will translate that to block group or tract values. Once you have those values, you can use the Census Data API to retrieve the median household value (table B19013) to retrieve the value for the tract or block group. There are more details in doing this, if you search fcc in this forum.

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    buckles976 ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks for your response. I looked in the FCC for examples and perhaps overlooked it. My programmer uses C#. I did send him a link of code that pulls Median Household income but that code is in a different language. Any advise on how i can get code that works in C# would be greatly. I'll also continue to search

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    ( Moderator )

    Both the FCC and Census APIs are restful HTTP URL calls with parameters. In the case of the FCC call, the parameters needed are latitude and longitude. The returning response will be the Census block containing the lat/long coordinate. You can click on either of the examples found on the page referenced above, while in Firefox and it should respond with the JSON response. Have the programmer parse that response, and make a request to the Census API asking for the B19013 variable you desire, and filling in the Census geography information using the FCC response values. I'm afraid that I don't have a lot of knowledge of C#, but if it helps, these are simply HTTP URL connections passing parameters and returning JSON responses. Good luck!

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    buckles976 ( Idea Submitter )

    Perhaps here' a bit of a learning curve but it's the 2nd request that's giving the problem. It doesn't like the way the string is written.

    I've tried is with B19013 and B19013_001E and both come back Page Not Found.

    I take the exact same code with PCT012A015 and it works fine. My guess is, the syntax is different for that particular data but I don't know enough to know if I need to put more arguments in the string.

    it really doesn't look difficult.

    I'm missing something.

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    Phillip Thomas

    Howdy Buckles, could you provide us with a sample query you are attempting to use? This may help us know what you are doing, and allow us to guide you to a working query.

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