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Maximum number of variables per request


Though we have provided this infomation in a reply to an existing thread, we also wanted to create a "fresh" post to let everyone know that the maximum number of variables per request has been increased from 4 to 50. The documentation on www.census.gov/developers/ will be updated to reflect this information as well.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feekback so far. We do take the feedback into account as we continue to improve the API so please keep it coming.


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    When requesting more than one variable -- say, perhaps, estimates and MOEs for an entire table -- is there a simple way to specify this in the api get (similar to the "*" wildcard for geographies)?

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    Phillip Thomas

    At the moment there is no wildcard allowed in the variable portion of the query. This may be allowed later, provided the resulting variable list is still under the 50 variable limit.

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