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This application lets you enter a location and any combination of keywords describing a potential new business. The application will then combine demographic information with nearby competitors and tell you whether or not it is a good spot for your new business.


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    This is a great concept! I love that it tells me all the competitors nearby (kinda like Yelp). It would be awesome if you could place markers on the maps for the locations and allow the user to create some kind of 'target demographics' and radius (e.g., default to 0.5 miles walking distance) to evaluate the density / potential foot traffic that lives 'nearby' each competitor to see where I might best place my 'shop'.


    Fantastic prototype... makes me salivate for more :D

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      mnutsch ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks! It would be pretty to add both placemarkers and also a measure of the walkability and transit access of the location.

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