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The jsonp callback should be 'callback' not 'jsonp' there is no reason you can't have both, but almost every single site that uses jsonp uses callback as the parameter, using something weird prevents people from easily making apps.


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    Thank you for your feedback. As you probably know, there is no standard for the name of a JSONP callback parameter. I have seen any number of name choices over the past couple of years -- flickr, for example uses "jsonpcallback". As Wikipedia explains (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSONP#Script_element_injection), the parameter is typically named "jsonp" or "callback". Your familiarity with jQuery probably explains your preference for the word "callback", however, "jsonp" is what we chose.

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    calvin.metcalf ( Idea Submitter )

    flickr and mapquest are the only other sites I know of that don't use callback and both have in common that their APIs are rather old and thus probably predate the standardization.

    It is not a solely jQuery thing, but you should probably keep it in mind considering how massively popular it is.

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