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JQPlot and JQuery JSON chart sample (simple)

Uses JQPlot plugins. The hardest part was translating array elements. Wish list: remove the word "county" from the table cells...

By the way, I am still serious about applying for the telecommute job for the Census Bureau. When will the hiring manager be able to sift through the applications? : )


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    Phillip Thomas

    Nice work on the test app, however the people who handle the telecommute job (I believe) don't actually look at this forum.

    As far as removing the word "county" from the table cells, I am unsure of what you mean here. Do you mean remove it from the return set we give you as a response to your api query?

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    mail ( Idea Submitter )

    D'oh! Well, time will tell about that position, I guess.

    Regards "County", for labeling data it just adds to the length and seems redundant. "San Bernardino County" is returned from the data set. Seems superfluous. It can be stripped out with a couple lines of code, but I bet it would be useful overall to just remove redundant information at the outset.

    On the other hand, if "parish" or some other equivalent is also used, perhaps the addition of the word is meaningful in the data set... I'll check it now that I think about it...

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    Phillip Thomas

    The data itself cannot be altered by us, as that would compromise the data's integrity. Also I do believe there are a few that have CDP or Parish as alternate possibilities.

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    mail ( Idea Submitter )

    Yep, "Parish" is a descriptor. The answer is to parse and strip out the county descriptor in our code if we need labels to fit.

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    Community Member

    Very interesting. I'm new to the developer/api thing. I was wondering how you managed to create this graph. This is really cool.

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      mail ( Idea Submitter )

      Free plot plug-in at

      What I hope you notice is the JQ handling of the code for the API, it doesn't matter which charting tool you use. Manipulating the array from JSON is where to start.

      JQPlot is fairly easy to implement, but you need to feed it a proper set of arrays.

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