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Interactive Data Aggregation Paradigm

This isn't a specific what but more of a "how" and I'm not going to suggest how it could be addressed nor do I know if it has already been suggested, addressed, or used.

I know the Bureau has put out some interesting projects to enhance readability of data. I was wondering if some form of advanced tool-tip mapping could be done on mouse-over. Obviously mouse-over is common but I also know that "within a circle of given radius" is also of interest. Could it be useful to create a mapping system which combines estimates within an aggregated/adjusted circular region as given by some input or sliding-scale radius?

I admit this is more of a "how" than a "what" but it did come to mind. For all I know there already exists such a product.


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  1. As far as tool tips go, I wonder if it is possible to do an api query to retrieve a comparable variable from a different dataset to then use as display text for example in a Decennial page, hover over a variable and have a tool tip show ACS data for a similar variable.

    1 year ago

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