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Getting null from ACS block-group query

For ACS data - is there a way to tell which codes are valid for tracts vs block group?

Some codes work for both, some return "null" when the block-group level is queried.

For example, the following url works for the tract level:,NAME&for=tract:*&in=state:08+county:059

But using the same code, it returns null for the block-group level:,NAME&for=block%20group:*&in=state:08+county:059+tract:012035

Thanks in advanced!


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    Please see the ACS release documentation here:

    On that page there is a link for "ACS 5-yr detailed tables". That spreadsheet will tell you what variables are available at the block group level.

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      Jan Vink

      I think it was mentioned before, but it would be very helpful if this information was available as an attribute in the <concept> tag in the XML file.

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    elizabeth.duncan ( Idea Submitter )

    I agree with Jan. Also that helped SO much - thanks David!

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