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"Get" argument for API call: is there a length limitation?

I have an API request where the get argument that works is "P0030001,P0030002,P0030003,P0030004". However, I wanted to get all available names in that concept, which in total is a list of 8 elements "P0030001,P0030002,P0030003,...P0030008".

This request fails with error "unknown variable 'P0030005,P0030006,P0030007,P0030008"

Is there a limit on the length for the GET argument?


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    ( Moderator )

    Yes. There is a currently a limitation of four (4) variables to be retrieved per request. To get your eight variables, you can make two requests.

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    Phillip Thomas

    Is there a way to "sticky" this to the top of the page, so that it is found easier by others having the same problem?

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    I immediately ran into the same problem, when trying to grab the population of an area by age and sex (23 age groups x 2 sexes = 46 variables).

    This limitation should probably be documented.

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    Lisa W
    ( Moderator )

    Thanks. I'll add this to the documentation on the site.

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    Sam Ennis

    Are there any plans to increase the limit in the near future?

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    Phillip Thomas

    We are looking into increasing the limit, when we do we will let all of the developers know via the website and a post here.

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