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Is there somewhere that documents the Bureau's future plans/roadmaps for its APIs?

We're getting ready to build a major project using the ACS and Population Estimate APIs, and it would be helpful to know if the bureau is committed to updating the API as new data are released.

For example, last Sept. it was great to see the 2012 ACS data added to the API as the numbers were released on FactFinder. Can we expect that trend to continue?


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    Lisa W
    ( Moderator )

    We are always looking to provide our statistics in meaningful ways to help the public make informed decisions about the nation's people, places and our economy. APIs are part of a strategy to improve access to our statistics. We do plan on updating it as data sets are released and are also looking for feedback on how to improve API access as we move forward with longer term plans. We'd like to discuss your project if you can and see if we anticipate any issues based on your usage.

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