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Formatting of SF1 Table IDs?

I'm trying to look at tables from the SF1 and I've noticed they don't seem to follow a consistent format. The ACS ID consistently use tableID-underscore-variable number. For SF1 variables I was under the impression that it worked similarly, because in the examples, the query for total population (for which the table ID is 'P001') uses the ID 'P0010001' or what I thought was Table P001 plus cell ID 0001. However I'm trying to use the table 'PCT20' (Residents in group quarters) and I can't figure out the proper suffix to use to retrieve each individual cell. Adding 001 or 0001 for the cell ID to the end just returns errors.



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    Jan Vink

    I am under the impression that not all SF1 tables are retrievable yet through the API. PCT20 is not in the XML and I don't think that data from this table can be retrieved. I also think that the variable IDs will start with PCT020, not PCT20. Please keep also in mind that the lowest level of geography for the PCT tables is Census Tract.

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    Sam Ennis ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks. Is there a separate XML file for SF1 variables? The one I have only has ACS.

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