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Fields Missing from API

I can't find the following fields in the SF1 API:

P0020002 Total Urban Persons

P0020003 Total Rural Persons

Are only a subset of fields availible through this API?

Also it appears that I can only request up to 5 fields (seperated by commas) through the URL string. Is there a way to query more?


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    Community Member

    This is because this version of the SF1 dataset is the one developed before release of the SF1 with urban related fields populated. The 'new' SF1 was just released this past week. Only urban related fields were updated. my two cents is adding ACS 2011 data is more important than the SF1 urban update (though both would also be good).

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    Lisa W
    ( Moderator )

    The number of variables is restricted right now but we're looking in to allowing more. Stay tuned for progress on that.

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