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Facebook Places / Foursquare + ACS 5-yr Mashup

A fun app that imports a users foursquare / facebook places, mashes them up with ACS data to give the user a demographic profile of the places they frequent.

Maybe add some social factors to show wherein the socio-economic spectrum they seem to identify.

Maybe turn it into a geocaching app that helps users identify other places that they might 'like'. Like a pandora of locations. The location genome project XD


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  1. Comment
    Phillip Thomas

    Be careful with this, it could land you in a privacy nightmare dealing with user data.

  2. Comment
    logan.t.powell ( Idea Submitter )

    Are you referring to the use of Foursquare / Facebook?

  3. Comment
    Phillip Thomas

    Yes, tying a geography with a person has the more safety aware person in a frenzy right now. the closest analogue I can give right now is geo-encoded pictures (pictures that have the longitude/latitude they were taken at).

  4. Comment
    logan.t.powell ( Idea Submitter )

    Point taken. Of course there would have to be articulation of how such info would be used.

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