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EnergyZip allows you to explore electricity usage across the five boroughs of New York City and compare your usage against predicted future use, to your neighbors and to the city. We invite you to enter your recent electricity usage and, from this data and the average seasonal modulation for US households, we predict what your electricity consumption will be for the rest of the year and how your use compares with your neighbors'. Currently there is no public data for how electricity use varies from month to month in New York City. With user input we will build such this data set and make it public.

EnergyZip also allows you to investigate how personal income and home values are related to electricity usage and what fraction of income New Yorkers are spending on their electricity.


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    Beautiful and useful application. Are you considering building out more of the US?

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      Yes, we're definitely looking to extend across the rest of the US, after we've found and parsed all the energy data on the zipcode level.

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    Useful application, great way to get data from the public.

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