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Data doesnot appear when code migrated to server

Hello All,

I have used census API in one of my application.It fetches certain census data on the basis of zip code passed.

The issue is when I am executing code from localhost it is working extremely fine but when I am migrating the same code to my server it did not produce any result.

Can anyone suggest me how to solve this issue.

Prompt response would be highly appreciated.





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    This is too little information to help diagnose the problem. This can be a server configuration issue or a coding issue where there could be some local machine information hard coded. It could also be a firewall/router issue where it does not allow communication on port 80 with outside services. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks liang-chi.wang.

    I will check below mentioned issues.If you provide anything else from me to exhibit the appearance of issue then please let me know.

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