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DATE variable in Population Estimates API

Is there any documentation for interpreting the values returned in the DATE variable in the population estimates API?

For example,,DATE&for=state:25&key=xxxxx returns numerically coded data values (e.g., "1", "6"). I can see by the data that 6 = 2013 but would love to see official documentation somewhere.



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    I would like the same. The documentation on similar feeds says it's a date estimate, but I can't find where to translate the 1-6 into actual numbers.

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    Jan Vink

    I agree that this should be documented somewhere.

    In several estimates products the following coding is used:

    1 = 4/1/2010 Census population

    2 = 4/1/2010 population estimates base

    3 = 7/1/2010 population estimate

    4 = 7/1/2011 population estimate

    5 = 7/1/2012 population estimate

    6 = 7/1/2013 population estimate

    The difference between Census Count and estimates base is in updated boundaries (estimates base is in latest boundaries for this area) and corrections for errors found after the publication of the Census numbers. Note that code 1 and 2 refer to April 1 (Census day), and the other codes to July 1 (mid year)

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks, Jan, for listing out the codes--extremely helpful. Can anyone from Census confirm that these codes are analogous to those used for the DATE variable in the Population Estimates API?

    Also, can we assume that the numbers will continue in this pattern for future years (e.g., 7 will be the 7/1/2014 population estimate, etc.)?

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