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We wanted to share our Community Profiles site. It was originally launched in Rhode Island. Our new design is also being rolled out in Pennsylvania. Site is designed to provide easy access to community data. The goal has been to combine Census API data with other community data!

Current Version:

New (Beta) Version:

We looked to provide an easy way to browse and compare community data. Many issues require data from a variety of sources so we are continually looking to add more sources such as health and infrastructure data. We hope to empower the government, businesses, nonprofits, institutes of higher education, and residents to use this information to identify local needs, prioritize investments, and advocate for community change.

Profiles is open source and can be found here:

Feedback would be appreciated as we refine and look to add in features from other great open source projects.


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    ( Moderator )

    Ryan! Thank you for sharing this. It's the most comprehensive project yet to grace our forum!

    Quick question I forgot to ask before, are these profiles pulling directly from our API or are you doing some caching / DB'ing on your end of these data?

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    rkelly ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks Logan,

    In our new version we are pulling from the Census API and caching them in a Django Database.

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    First time on here and I definitely found the group I was looking for. The site looks great, fluid and seems to only be able to get better. Great job.

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