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Are there any commercial/free APIs that are available for developers to use that are ALREADY sourcing from the datasets? Factual's Geopulse Context was doing so as recently as 2013 but they've deprecated their API. It generated easy to access and useful demographic data from a lat/long and made importing into chart libraries super easy.

Anyone know of anything similar? Happy to pay $ for a service that's already done the heavy lifting with this data.


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    apigeocoder - free at level 1 - uses the Census API geocoder and interfaces access to ACS 2008-12 5 year estimates via API at block group level --

    Census 2010 SF1 block custom dataset development - free at level 1 -

    APIGateway - free at level 1 - uses Census API (multi-sourced statistical programs) and integrates BLS and other data via related APIs --

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    I am unclear why you are requesting a Commercial/External APIs that interface with the US Census API. What *exactly* do you not like about the existing US Census API ?

    The existing US Census API already "generate[s] easy to access and useful demographic data". You have full access to literally thousands of demographic data and the API is fairly comprehensive. Second, "made importing into chart libraries super easy" is taken care of as well - all the US Census data is returned in JSON format so that is super easy to process and put into any chart.

    If it is getting lat/long <-> US Census data then that is trickier. There are several options which include:

    1) use the census geography files (e.g. TIGER files such as or

    2) Use someone elses API (e.g. FCC's or

    3) Link your code to a map interface (this is what I do) such as ESRI ArcGIS mapping software where they server out the US Census geography (free) and then you link that to the Census API. I assume that other folks serve Census data in GoogleMaps or other web mapping technologies.

    I am sure there are other ways of doing this as well !

    Good luck !

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