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Hey All,

just wanted show off my usage of the Census API.. I am using the census data to show off surrounding block census data around each address on real estate listings. Pretty cool. Thanks for Census Developer API for doing such a great job to make this possible. Check it out:


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    ( Moderator )

    Sweet work! That's our first Chrome app! Does it work in Craigslist too?! I don't have chrome at work, so...

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    cmanganillo ( Idea Submitter )

    Thanks.. No.. but that is a great idea.. I didn't think about that..

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    cmanganillo ( Idea Submitter )

    Hi Logan,

    I am in a bind.. it seems I am getting an error now (in PRODUCTION!).. when I fire off my API calls.. saying the following..

    A valid key must be included with each data API request. You included a key with this request, however, it is not valid. Please check your key and try again.

    are there server troubles, or is my API Key somehow invalid now? Thanks.

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    Community Member

    This is a great idea, combining real estate listings and census data. Smart and very useful tool for both the potential buyers and listing agents.

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