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When I make the following request:


I get the following response:

[["P0010001","P0010001","P0010001","P0010001","NAME","state","county","tract","block group"],

["1","620","620","620","620","Block Group 1","02","170","000101"]]

Note that the order of the variable names and the order of the values do NOT correspond. The block group ID (1) is in the first field. After some playing around I noticed this happens when I ask for 4 variables AND the name. When I ask for less than 4 variables or don't ask for the name the blockgroup-id is correctly in the last field.


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    Phillip Thomas

    Yes this is indeed a bug, and I have added this to our bug tracking system.

    It appears to only occur when you have a total of 9 variables (each level of geography counting as 1 variable)

    I will post updates to this bug as I receive them.

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    Phillip Thomas

    We found the problem, and are testing a fix for it. Next release should include a fix for this problem.

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    Phillip Thomas

    The bug has been fixed, a regression test has been put in place to make sure this keeps working properly.

    The current live version should have this issue fixed.

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