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Best practice for census tract level GeoID

I am trying to make tract-level thematic maps for several indicators (e.g. unemployment, median family income etc.).

In the KML and SVG files I am using (including that obtained from TIGER) the 11 digit GeoID10 seems to be the best column through which I can merge data pertaining to the census tracts either by using the "GEO.id2" field from ACS data downloaded as CSV from FactFinder or through a concatenation of "state","county","tract", fields retrieved via the API.

Is there a different key I should be using for tract-level data? This seems to work when making chloropleth maps using the same methods used for making US county-level thematic maps with FIPS (as seen here )

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Phillip Thomas

    This is the route I would have taken, I am unsure of whether someone else has a better idea though.

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      maraaverick ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks Phillip - I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some obvious alternative. Everything seems to be copacetic, hopefully I'll have some pretty maps to share soon!

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