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Be less surprising

This ended up being much longer then I intended so I posted it as a gist over here


Don't be clever, take the conventions of other popular rest APIs as a guide, it's still better then 90% of government.


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    ( Moderator )

    Calvin! I love you man. I admire your passion, but have you ever heard of a compliment sandwich? :D

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      calvin.metcalf ( Idea Submitter )

      woops your right, fixed.

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    ( Moderator )

    :D, now I'm concerned about your sincerity (jk) We'll take it!

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    Community Member

    the api is excellent as it is. the one thing it needs is dataset coverage expansion. this is a vote not to encumber the operation with metadata and seemingly helpful attributing or structural 'improvements.'

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      calvin.metcalf ( Idea Submitter )

      True if it was an either or situation I'd probably take more data over API improvements, but at National Day of Civic Hacking we were informed we should give the API some 'tough love' about how it can be improved.

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