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America's Economy App as an Innovation Platform

We have published a very successful mobile application of economic indicators. Now help us take this app to the next level. What other indicators or mashups are possible to deliver timely information or services? How can we build upon this app to be a foundation for deriving valuable insights through big data and analytics?


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    one recommendation is to make all data shown in that app also accessible via APIs similar to those used with the decennial and ACS data. This way, the data shown in the app could be more flexibly displayed, analyzed, integrated with other data, etc.

    where the data are frequently updated time-series, the series would have a name and use parameters to access one date, selected dates or a from-to time period. where there are subnational data for a series, parameters for geography would be great.

    It would be great to access BLS/CEW, LAUS, and CES subnational data, each with maximum geographic drill-down. Efforts to locate BLS APIs have so far only been less than useful metadata (no real statistical data). Being able to access quarterly county BLS CEW data (establishments, employment, earnings) by NAICS (level or specific code) would be fantastic. Parameters like fields in LABSTAT page but API parameters like Census SF1 or ACS.

    Similarly, all BEA time series, metro and county, would be great additions to the America's Economy -- again API call by series, geo and time period.

    Switching topics, away from America's Economy, there is the address lookup feature in factfinder that displays the corresponding geocodes for selected geographies. Having this API accessible, where the user passes an address, and gets the geocodes returned would be a great addition.

    Thank you.

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