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API resource not available

I've just started working with the API today. I started by using sample queries such as:


It worked fine earlier today, but now I keep getting the "resource not available" error.

EDIT - For clarification, it worked in the AM for a period of about 1 hour. I tried again about 6 hours later, and it didn't work for a period of about 1 hour. I then tried late in the evening and it worked.

My question is about the availability of the API. I would like to know if there are any availability numbers that you can provide.



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    That URL seems to work for me (with my own key). Are you sure it is not your ISP ? I have have very few reliability issues since working with the Census API.

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      Thanks for your reply. I added an edit to my post to help clarify. Maybe it was just an anomaly. But it would be interesting to see availability stats anyway.

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