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API key not valid

I've had an API key for weeks and just got back to my project after doing some other work. I get this error when I make a query that used to work:

"A valid key must be included with each data API request.

You included a key with this request, however, it is not valid.

Please check your key and try again.'

Any thoughts?


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    Hi. I want to apologize for any problems you had yesterday using our API, and explain what happened. We were doing some maintenance on the main API server yesterday at 1:00pm EST. The failover server was handling the requests, so things were okay during the day. The maintenance window extended past the original timeframe, so when I checked and verified that the API was running correctly, I was unaware that I was checking the failover machine. When the maintenance completed and the main machine was brought back on-line near 7:00pm EST, something wasn't set correctly, and these problems began to occur. At 12:30am EST, as part of routine processes, the problem was resolved and the API was functional again.

    We will be working with our server maintenance staff to insure that all services are running correctly in the future. We will also be changing our verification techniques to better view the system, to avoid my problem with viewing the backup machine and thinking that it was the production one. I think that we are also going to change the timing of the maintenance from afternoons to early mornings, to have more eyes on the servers and services to avoid this problem again.

    Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have had on your production work.

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    I have been successfully using http get requests in developing an application. However, I am now getting a 302 Moved temporarily error. i am wondering if this may be a problem with the API key.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a reason a key may become inactive?

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      Yes, I am having same issue.. I hope they fix soon.. I have production users.

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    I am having a similar problem as of this afternoon, though I am not getting the same error (I get a 302 error on my http get request).

    It seems there may be a temporary problem with some of the keys. The key request page says "The Census Data API key singup service is currently offline. Please try again in a few minutes." which also leads me to believe that a temporary problem may be the case.

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      update: I talked to a friend of mine who currently has a working key, though mine still seems not to be. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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    I am having exact problem.. Please help! I have production users.. Thank you.

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