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API Variable Question for ACS2011 5 Year

Preface: New to API Calls & Census Data (not sure the proper Campaign to post on)

Curious, how can I more efficiently pull data through the API without having to specify each individual Unique ID (found in the ACS2011_5-Year_TableShells.xls file)?

If I wanted to pull all data for Table ID: B01001 what would my {&get=} be?

Currently, I am using each individual Unique ID as so:{key}&get=B01001_001E,B01001_002E,B01001_003E,B01001_004E,B01001_005E,B01001_006E,B01001_007E,B01001_008E,B01001_009E,B01001_010E,NAME&for=state:06

Is there a syntax for spanning Unique ID values within a single table?

And why is it that I cannot use the Unique ID value as is outlined in the ACS2011_5-YearTableShells.xls file, rather I need to split the value after the Table ID with an underscore and Unique ID value, as so: B01001002 needs to become B01001_002E inorder for the call to work.

Any assistance would be most helpful.




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  1. brian.hyman Idea Submitter

    Still floundering with this one... anyone out there in dataland feel compelled to assist?

    1 year ago
  2. Thanks for your feedback. Currently the API is not able to get all variables within a table by passing a table id. You need to specify the variable(s) you are trying to get from the URL. We also defined a limit within our API configuration for 50 variables and some tables in the ACS contain more than 50 variables. We will consider this idea for future enhancement/development of the API grammar and features.

    The unique ID does not distinguish between margin of error and estimate. We use the letter s “E” or “M” for the estimate or margin of error, which is not included in the table shell definition. The underscore is used as a visual separation between the table and individual estimate. We will work towards making sure that documentation across products is consistent.

    1 year ago

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