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2010 census data (ACS5,SF1) JSONP calls stopped functioning

We've been using some of the 2010 census data (ACS5,SF1) by calling it using JSONP. After several months of functioning fine, it is throwing an error today. My code hasn't changed, is something broken on your end?


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    Phillip Thomas

    As far as I can tell the api is responding properly to all queries I send to it manually.

    Is there anyone else running into issues accessing data via the API?

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    rastor ( Idea Submitter )

    Did the formatting (or anything else) change recently that might affect this? Have others reported this? I can manually retrieve the data as well. When I attempt to retrive the values through JSON I get a 200 response (which is good) but it throws a parsererror message.

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    Phillip Thomas

    According to our tests the queries themselves are returning the same information (according to the diff unix program and md5sum program) that they were returning a week ago.

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    Hi. I ran a couple of JSON-P tests, both via AJAX and a SCRIPT tag, and they ran correctly. And, as Phil noted above, our regression tests show no diffs.

    If you can write a small test showing how you're using JSON-P and post it here I'd be happy to test it out.


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